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Click on a subject area in the table below. You'll find websites that provide a wealth of information for your use. We update our periodically, so visit often and see what else we've discovered.At present, this page under construction so some of the links may not work. Please check back soon.

Search Engines for Children

Website What You'll Find There... A search engine for children provided by
Infoseek Children's search engine. A search engine for children from Infoseek
Search Engine Watch Another kids search engine
Here's one from NWU Another kids search engine.
Kids Search Engine from Altavista Another kids search engine.

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Language Arts

Website What You'll Find There...
British Poetry (1780 - 1910) Romantic and Victorian period poetry including complete works of such authors as Milton,Carroll, Tennyson, Keats, Shelly, Coleridge. Includes hyperlinked timelines and many biographical sources along with a dictionary of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century English.
Nineteenth Century Anglo-Saxon Poetry Database Similar site.
Electronic Text Center Similar site.
Children's Literature Web Guide Includes List of best books for young adults, books for young adults reluctant readers. Includes the full text of many children's books and online resources to help parents teach children to read and use the library.
Beginning reading site 1 Beginning reading site.
Beginning reading site 2 Beginning reading site.
Young Authors Young Authors
William Shakespeare Includes the complete annotated works of Shakespeare with hypertext annotations to help students understand the English spoken in those times.
Classical Greek & Roman Texts Classical Greek & Roman Texts
Children's Stories from England Children's Stories from England
InkSpot Resource for Children's Writers InkSpot Resource for Children's Writers
Galaxy's Index of English Literature Good for 9-12 students who are researching a paper for an English class. It has over 1,000 links to English and literature-related material.
Myths and Legends of Indigenous Peoples A good mix of legends and writing subjects.
Internet Poetry Archive Poetry written for the internet.
Project Gutenberg The Gutenberg project has been bringing free texts online since 1971. There are more than 350 books online that can be read, printed out, or downloaded for free.
Dakota State Online Writing Lab Similar site.
Online Library for Teaching the American Literatures Similar site.
Language Arts Lesson Plans This is a wonderful site for innovative lessons and ideas for the high school level as well as intermediate school level.

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Website What You'll Find There...
Macintosh Math Education Software Macintosh Math Education Software.
Geometry Center Geometry Center.
Calculus Online Resources Calculus Online Resources.
Mathematics Archive Gopher Mathematics Archive Gopher.
The Hub This site contains hundreds of lesson plans..
Ask Dr. Math! Ask Dr. Math!.
Math Magic Project Math Magic Project.
Math software for Students Math software for Students.
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics World Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics.

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Science Links for K-12

Website What You'll Find There...
* * * * * * * * *
Environmental Studies
Environmental Education on the Internet This site is a project of the national Consortium for Environmental Education and Training. It contains activities, links, and documents whose major purpose is the enhancement of environmental education. It contains such topics as acid rain, clearcutting, and erosion.
Environmental Studies Similar site.
The Electronic Postcard Select a postcard from the Postcard Rack, fill in the necessary information with a message and send. There are postcards on science topics. Students can write postcards to their friends and family as well as to animal rights groups and ecology groups. This activity could also be extended to sending postcards with information about ecology to senators and congressmen if a class is working on an environmental cause as a unit of study.
EnviroLink This is a varied and exciting site. Students and teachers can chat, watch live video conferences, view art works, search the library, and get updates on environmental news at such places as the Animal Rights site and the World Species List. There is a clearing house of educational materials.
Homepage of the Global Recycling Network Similar site.
Good Green Fun! This is a musically-based site with song-stories of Good Green Fun. These stories are based on botanist and ecologist Dharmika Judith Hensel's travels in Oregon and Central America. She is in the process of developing a Forest Ecology Curriculum.
The Ecology Channel Similar site.
Rainforest Action Network This site has a Kid's Corner where students can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the environmental rainforest issues. It tells about the people and animals who live in the rainforests of the world. A quiz is included about rainforest facts. There is a list of resources for teachers and students. The organization sponsors an art contest to find the 13 best pictures to use for each year's Kid's Calendar.
The Audubon Society Similar site.
National Wildlife Federation Similar site.
* * * * * * * * *
General Science Ideas and Experiments
Ask Dr. Science! Dr. Science is here to answer even the most perplexing questions. He deals with such things as Why are there duds at the bottom of a bowl of popcorn? Teachers: You need to supervise some of the experiments. There are archives that will tell you the answers to questions in the past. Have your students ask Dr. Science some questions and send them in. Put your class on Dr. Science's mailing list!
Ask Dr. Internet Similar site.
The Bug Club This bug club treats bugs as pets. It really makes bugs interesting, even for the most squeamish! There is a built-in search engine to extend learning beyond this site. A pen pals list is included, where you can find a teammate to create your own care sheet for a new bug. The site has a 17 page newsletter.
Franklin Institute Science Museum This is a very versatile site. It has the inQuiry Almanac and a publication's library. It provides fun science activities.
The Museum of Science, Boston Similar site.
Jason Project This site has an impressive selection of activities. It offers first-hand involvement in its expeditions. There are lots of beautiful images on its pages.
SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources Similar site.
Mad Scientist Network There are 24 branches of science covered at this site. This network of scientists will search for the answer to your submitted questions within 10 days.
The National Science Foundation Why files This site asks and investigates interesting science questions. It takes a crack at conventional wisdom. There is a very good search engine and they keep old questions and answers in their archives.
E-Lab Similar site.
* * * * * * * * *
Fun with Science
Nye Labs Bill Nye, the science guy, shows wild, entertaining graphics and skits. The site teaches a lot in a short time.
Onterio Science Centre This is a tour of the Onterio Science Centre. There is an Interactive Zone. Included is a list of interesting, informative links.
National Museum of Science and Technology Similar site.
* * * * * * * * *
Volcano World This site gives all the information people need to know about volcanoes with links to other sites that have geologic facts. The site contains wonderful graphics. There is an Already Asked Questions section.
Stromboli Online Similar site.
* * * * * * * * *
NASA There is a whole section on Apollo 11 that includes audio and video clips. There are reviews of other missions, visits to the various space centers, and a helpful Go To page for navigational help.
An Inquirer's Guide to the Universe Similar site.
* * * * * * * * *
ZooNet ZooNet has the pictures of many types of animals from around the world. If you need a picture for a project, come to this site to find it. The creator/director, Jim Henley, says this site is an attempt to provide a single point of entry to all zoos everywhere. There is an extensive image gallery including a slide show. Try the numerous links to other nature sites.
Oaklahoma City Zoo A great zoo site with lots of pictures of animals.
NetVet/Electronic Zoo Animal Information & Archives Home Page Similar site.
* * * * * * * * *
The Weather Visualizer Create weather maps here. Select specific regions to see and the kind of images you want to access such as radar, satellite, and surface readings. This site has a lot of images, so be sure not to overload your system.
Interactive Weather Browser Similar site.

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More Science Links

Website What You'll Find There...
Anatomy Image Browser Anatomy Image Browser.
The Whole Brain Atlas The Whole Brain Atlas.
Appollo 11 Mission to the Moon Appollo 11 Mission to the Moon.
Astronomy Newsgroup Astronomy Newsgroup.
Astronomy Newsgroup Astronomy Newsgroup.
Biodiversity and Biological Collections Biodiversity and Biological Collections.
Dna to Dinosaurs Dna to Dinosaurs.
Yahoo's Index of Science Resources Yahoo's Index of Science Resources.

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Social Studies Links for K-12

Website What You'll Find There...
* * * * * * * * *
History: The Civil War
Civil War Photographs Civil War Photographs.
National Cryptologic Museum National Cryptologic Museum
* * * * * * * * *
1492 Exhibit 1492 Exhibit.
Art-1492 Art Exhibit Art-1492 Art Exhibit.
History of China Links with hundreds of online databases with information about China, including its history.
Medieval History Sites Medieval History Sites
Authors such as Dante, Chaucer, Virgil Authors such as Dante, Chaucer, Virgil
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Teaching Manual
World History Archives World History Archives
African Studies Archives African Studies Archives
* * * * * * * * *
A Guided Trip Around the World This site is run by a non-profit group called Odyssey , started by a teacher in San Francisco, Jeff Golden, and is a web site to transport students on a virtual journey around the world lead by real-world travelers. There are 5 young people who trek to places like Peru, Guatemala and South Africa, all the while sending dispatches to the web site. This is an interactive site that combines reports on the society, culture and geography of places visited by the odyssey team with live interview of prominent international figures. The five team is making a two-year worldwide journey to 10 regions in the developing world. After starting in Mexico and South America, the group now is in Africa and plans to head to the Middle East, China and India next year. So far, the Odyssey group has interview people like Mary Burton of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission and 1992 Nobel peace Prize laureate Adolfo Perez of Argentina. They have visited Mayan ruins and a palace in Peru and spoken with a shaman.
Gateway to Antarctica Gateway to Antarctica
Citylink Project A tour of citieis in all 50 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are pictures of famous landmarks, demographic information, and government organizations.
Geography Resources at the Library of Congress Geography Resources at the Library of Congress
Project Geosim This project provides data for educators to use in their lessons. There are over 4 simulation programs that teachers can download and use.
* * * * * * * * *
Health and Physical Education
Balance Online magazine that covers all aspects of health and fitness.
Nutrition, Diet, Food Labeling Nutrition, Diet, Food Labeling
Global Health Network Global Health Network
Health Explorer Health Explorer

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Grants and Grant Writing.

Website What You'll Find There...
California Schools with Web Servers An excellent source for checking out how other schools and districts are using the Web..
The Federal Web Locator The easy way to locate Federal resources for Education, including grants.

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